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Additions for Extra Square Footage in the Home

Whether your home is large or small, you’re going to consider additions if you want to make any investments. When renovating the home, you can expand existing living spaces as well as any storage spaces in your home. Adding rooms is also an option, which can make your home more desirable to anyone in the marker to buy a home in the future.

addition rooms near Ashland, VA

If you’re looking for renovations that add extra square footage to the home you’re living in, take a look below.

Second Story

Adding a second story to your home is one of the largest additions you can make on a home. This addition will vary depending on the size of the home and the size of the second floor as well as other factors, so for a quote you will need to speak with contractors and home design professionals. Work with builders and architects to make sure the structure of your home as well as the foundation is capable of handling an additional story.

Garage Room

If you have a garage and don’t want to add an entire second story, simply put another room over the garage. This is one of the top addition rooms near Ashland, VA for homeowners, as it adds extra space without making the home messy in the process. The garage room can be used for any purpose you desire, including as a rental space to make some extra cash.


A domer will expand the attic space while also providing the home with more natural light. Dormer’s also enhance the curb appeal of homes, making them look much larger. Dormers are on the cheaper side, so you’ll get away with paying less than you would for a full second floor.

If you’re looking for more additions to add space, speak with building professionals to gain more insight.